The Dating Diversity Series

        Growing up in Jersey City, NJ, I've been exposed to the many cultures and backgrounds of the different people in the area. It is such a blessing to be able to live in such a diverse city that has broadened my perception of culture and everyone's various views. Introducing The Dating Diversity Series, I want to showcase and document dating or married couples who are in inter-cultural relationships. Love is powerful and sends a big message. The image of love between two people of different backgrounds is a beautiful representation of how the world is growing to love and accept past differences to find common ground in love.

        In being in these relationships, it does have its perks. However, of course there are some struggles. It may be frowned upon in some cultures to date outside. Sometimes parents and societies aren't as accepting. But through it all, it's all about the love.

        Here are their stories.

Samer Haddad & Mishael Avila

Jordanian-FIlipino & Ecuadorian 

"Samer has made me try a lot of new things over time and I'm a picky eater. So it's awesome when I try something so different that I actually like. Also, as someone who has not been exposed to too many cultures outside of my own, it's interesting to see how different cultures are and act. It's pretty amazing to see that sometimes it's not too different even if it seemed like it would be." -Mishael

Bryant Lee & Claudia Nicole "Nikki" De Tagle

Chinese & Filipino

"I grew up like, not religious really. And diving into a family that is pretty much involved with Catholicism, it was like a huge 'whoa, what is this world?' It's not that I hate religion, I just don't have one, and I'm not affiliated with anything. Going into something like this, it's just heavy stuff. I attended mass for the first time, and I was like "woah this is a lot." It's just a lot to take and absorb as a person who hasn't been involved with any kind of religion. It's just something to get used to" - Bryant

"It's nice seeing that at least being part of this relationship, seeing how similar we are, and even though there is that feeling of I don't know if I'm good enough for this, it's just that knowing that we think we are." - Nikki