Nihon Vibez

In the beginning of 2017, I had traveled to Tokyo for two weeks, and though it wasn't enough, I had an amazing time, with the culture, foods, fashion, etc. So what is this project about? Seeing Japan for myself has inspired me creatively, whether it be in my photos, aesthetic, and of course the way I dress! This photo series is a way to reminisce as well as represent a bit of Japan here in Jersey.

This series was brought to life by @paolodelcastillo!! All the shots, edits, and collage that was put together was done by him, so if you don't know him, now you know him! Go check him out cause he's on his way to doing big things. Also featured is Christine (@chrissh_) who traveled to Japan last summer, so we shared the same vision on this project!

Ever since visiting Japan, I just fell in love with their style and aesthetic.  Their minimalism, and way of bringing traditional wear into modern fashion was seriously inspiring.