New Direction with my Blog??

Alright so update! I'm finally settled into my new job at Noledge Productions. It's been quite the summer!  This transition period went smoothly as I love what I do, what I'm doing, and what I'm going to do. 

I guess I'll get more into that as I get more comfortable with blog posts every now and then.

Anyway, it seems that every time I make a post, I'm never consistent on posting weekly and stuff, but I'll just shift my mentality, and change it into where I will;l just vent out some feelings, express some things, and just share what I wear (aye bars LOL).

Maybe if I treat this like I did with Tumblr, I can produce some nice posts. Just gotta avoid being cringe like I was before LMAO.

There'll be different segments of my blog where I share experiences from travels, with people, visiting some cool places in the city, outfits, activities, etc. I've been yearning for some kind of outlet to share the big things in my life. I feel like every since the introduction of snapchat story, or IG story, its all just there, and live, but I really do miss writing it all out.


SO! For this post just wanted to share some new pick ups I got from Zara. Alright so I have no idea how to blog about clothes, like tbh what do you write LOOOOL. But yeah uhhhh, Paired up this Zara leather jacket with an American eagle denim top, along with some Cole Haan Chelsea Boots. Also the jeans are Zara.

But yeah thats pretty much it LMAO. I wanted to get the grunge Hillsong pastor kind of look LOLOL. Ya know what I'm sayin'.