First Impressions: Kaila J. Lim

Photos taken on December 15, 2016

To start off my Photoshoot Experience or whatever I wanna call it later, I'd like to introduce Kaila! (@kailajlim

It was a super cold day, below freezing, and originally, we had planned to shoot in the city! We had planned to go to Roosevelt Park. But the day before that Thursday, it was already cold.. And I just wasn't feeling it LOL. So we decided to shoot indoors somewhere. Kaila suggested we go to Palisades Mall! Somewhere up north from me around Nyack. I don't know. It's not my neck of the woods 😅.

So back to photoshoot day: Getting to know Kaila, I found her to be a very strong, confident, empowered type of person. She projects, and she's quite formal.  From my first impression, she seemed to me like she had a very "go-getter" mindset. This is something that inspires me personally cause I really gotta work on that. To be assertive and all that! The beauty in her photos definitely match her personality. Just by her dreams and goals, it's clearly evident that she's ambitious. Which is great! Having big dreams is a quality I really appreciate in people.

One day, you'll have Kaila giving a commencement speech at her Alma Mater at Rutgers New Brunswick! I believe it.

Kaila is of Native American - Korean descent. Off the bat, she's had some unique experiences through her heritages growing up. In my own perspective, it was so enlightening to hear her story. Honestly one of a kind. If you ever get the chance, you should definitely ask her about it. You'll learn something new.

In getting to know each other and sharing our stories, we at at Johnny Rockets! We went over those lifestyle bloggers who get sponsored by companies to just do use their product, go to their place, etc. So we did our own version LOL. Gotta strategically place your meal and drinks in the frame riiiiiight on the sweet spot. So go get your burger fix at Johnny Rockets! Build your own burger, or simply get the original classic burger! Don't forget to get a shake with that too. Can't go wrong with that! - Okay end fake sponsorship 😜

But really though, how do you look this good eating a burger?! Well now we all know that it's possible LOL.



Photographing in the mall had its challenges. I'm not too great at finding locations indoors. But Kaila, shooting Kaila, it was much easier. She's just so natural in front of the camera, beautiful and straight up stylish. She actually bought that top and skirt that day! After scouting the mall for places to shoot in her first outfit, we also did a little bit of shopping too. Shoutout to HM ~ Changing to her second outfit, it was an optimal time to shoot where the golden sun shines right at the carousel. I think the highlight from that day's shoot was shooting on that carousel. It was only a 5 minute ride, so we got right to shooting a bunch of photos, and I also ended up shooting a video which will be right below at the end of this post! Be sure to check it out!  

I usually avoid spinny rides, but the photos and videos were worth it.

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Just beginning will make the conditions perfect. After all, thinking too long about something something is often the reason it never gets done. - Kaila J. Lim

This photo is one that I'm proud to present. With a large Christmas tree behind Kaila, it was perfect with her red top. The woman you see in this photo has a story. She has big dreams and goals for herself. Like everyone I photograph, I'm very proud to share a little bit about her.